North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation Inc.

The North Norfolk MacGregor Foundation has accepted the challenge!

The Thomas Sills Foundation has challenged our foundation with raising $50,000 over the next eighteen months (March 25, 2015 until September 30, 2016) for which they will provide matching funds of $25,000. In other words, for every two dollars we raise during this period, Thomas Sill will generously donate one dollar.

The Thomas Sill Foundation has been supporting community foundation movement in our province, and now they are stepping up to encourage us to continue to grow our endowment fund. When our endowment grows, so does our annual granting dollars, which in turn helps builds a stronger community.

The North Norfolk MacGregor Foundation is important to the community and we thank you most genuinely for your past contributions. We would like to encourage everyone to consider making a donation – large or small at this time! We know North Norfolk can meet this challenge and our community will benefit! 

Online donations may be made to the NNMF through The Winnipeg Foundation.