North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation Inc.

History of the North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation

Following the MacGregor Centennial, funds were left over.  Due to some forward thinking of a few individuals, it was decided to create a foundation in 1981 calling it the MacGregor & District Centennial Foundation.  It was never really too active, so the funds remained virtually the same, giving a few grants to the library, playgound, Nor-Mac Centre and Archives, and not receiving very much in donations.

About 1995, word was received that the Thomas Sill Foundation was supporting rural foundations to help increase their endowment funds.  On contact with Thomas Sill Foundation, the MacGregor & Area Centennial Foundation was told the population was too low.  Thus was born the idea of expanding to take in the entire municpality.  New by-laws were drawn up, a new name created - North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation - new directors from Sidney, Austin, and MaccGregor areas and the new foundation assumed the assets of $15 200 of the MacGregor & District Centennial Foundation in 1996.

The Thomas Sill Foundation again said that the expanded North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation was still not large enough, but advised to go ahead and market them.  From September 1997 - time of the first large donation - to December 31, 2013 more than $796 000 has been received in family, business, organization, estate and memoriam donation and over $85 000 in scholarship donations.  Two large estates greatly boosted the endowment funds -

$93 000 in 2002 and $426 000 in 2004.  In 1998, the MacGregor Cemetery Fund became the first designated fund of $14 766.  That fund now sits at $35 876.  A second designated fund was added in Decmeber 2008, the School Cairn Maintenance Fund, with assets of $22 000, for school cairn upkeep and maintenance.  A third designated fund was set-up in March 2010, the John & Jean Memorial Fund, dispersed to the Katrime Cemetery.  Ten scholarships are placed in the Winnipeg Foundation in the North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation name.  The undesignated fund is at $957 686.

With each new donation, the endowment fund continues to grow.  The fund is never spent, only the income generated is granted to worthwhile projects within the Municipality of North Norfolk.  All donations are tax receiptable and gratefully accepted at any time, any amount. 

June 1998

Left to right (back):  Bob McKelvy, Darwin Crabbe

(middle):  Ed Penner, Danny Rintoul, Glen Sawatzky

(front):  Arlene Jarema, Vivian McGregor